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Coconut Barfi

September 17, 2013

The month of Shravan brings in its wake a spate of festivals and feasts. Usually the coconuts used in religious ceremony go into the making of sweets and Coconut Barfi is one of them. Its not only a favorite in our household it is the easiest sweet to prepare and can often be prepared in a jiffy.

half a coconut scraped, equal amount of sugar(for one measures of coconut add equal amount of sugar), 8-10 whole cashew nuts. 2 pods cardamom, some ghee to smear on the plate.

run the scraped coconut, sugar and cashew nuts in a grinder for about 3 minutes/ or  till you get coarse mixture. stirring in between. Then pour the entire mixture in a thick bottomed pan.


add two table spoon of water into the grinder jar, shake it well and add it the mixture in the pan. keep on low heat, At first the mixture will melt and then slowly will start to thicken. when you can gather it all in a mass/or you can see the mixture gaining a granular look and starts coming up from the sides of the pan, add the cardamom powder and the barfi is ready to be poured into a plate smeared with ghee. when it cools partially cut it into shapes that you like either diamond shape or squares.




Add a teaspoon of cocoa to the above mixture while grinding and you can ‘cocoa’nut barfi. It will taste like chocolate.

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